Temperature control

Temperature control units (TCUs) for chemical reactors

Depending on your application, our chemical reactors may require temperature control:

  • Jacketed metal reactors can be operated by steam or oil
  • Jacketed glass reactors require a low circulation pressure within the jacket which can be controlled by TCUs

TCUs circulate heat transfer oil through the reactor jacket, which can be heated and cooled. Depending on the heat transfer oil, the TCUs can keep process temperatures inside the reactor between -80°C up to 300°C.

We cooperate with temperature control unit manufacturers to supply complete packages - Reactor systems including temperature control units.

TCUs installed outside of the Ex zone, connected to reactors inside Ex Zone 1 or 2, require an additional isolation barrier.

Temperature control of chemical reactors

Jacketed reactors can be temperature controlled by:

  • Individual TCU
  • Large central units with secondary systems for individual temperature control
  • Steam is occasionally used in metal reactors

Jacketed glass reactors require a low circulation pressure in the jacket. This circulation pressure of the heat transfer oil can be controlled by TCUs shown. Heat transfer oil is pumped through the reactor jacket for heating and cooling. This oil can range from -80°C up to 300°C (depending on the heat transfer oil used) which in turn will control the process temperature inside the reactor.