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Büchi AG - buchiglasuster - Corporate Video

布启仪器设备贸易(上海)有限公司是瑞士Büchi AG 公司投资的子公司——专注于反应釜及反应系统的工艺设计、生产安装与研究。

uniclave - 实验室压力反应釜

这种多用途压力反应釜系统设计用于可交替使用的玻璃和钢制压力反应釜体。 安全功能可保证在压力下能够安全进行反应。 Uniclave 防护罩的聚碳酸酯门同样可以安全地用于压力高达 12 巴的玻璃压力反应釜,并且可见度不受限制。

novoclave - 高压反应釜

Hydrogenation and other gas-liquid reactions in lab and pilot scale require reliable, safe and reproducible gas dosing. 

In this video a gas dosing and automation specialist guides through the requirements of state-of-the-art gas dosing and presents Buchi’s turnkey solution for gas dosing. 

Automation in kilo labs - Solutions to master your challenges

Automation in kilo labs poses specific safety and cGMP challenges due to operational and regulatory requirements.

In this video regulatory and automation specialists guide through the most common challenges and present Buchi’s latest automation solutions in the context of kilo lab applications.  

PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor

With the Buchi PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor System, hydrogenation and catalyst testing can be performed quickly and efficiently. In this video you will learn more about the PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor System and see how easy this pressure reactor is to operate.  

Standard control system

Learn more about the reactor standard control system and see the advantages of automation.